Philosophy of Government

Let’s make this simple:

I am a pragmatic social liberal and a fiscal conservative.

I have no philosophical preference for a big government or a small government—just a responsible, efficient and effective government.

I believe that there is merit in all political views and solving problems requires an open mind—and compromise.

I believe in personal responsibility, but I also believe in a responsible helping hand.

I believe in an economic policy that puts the needs of American citizens ahead of the interests of “big business.”

I believe that Government regulation should be limited to matters of health and safety — both personal and financial — and the prevention of fraud and abuse.

I believe that the Government must  protect  our natural resources in a responsible manner.

I believe in a progressive income tax based on rules that are uniformly applied to all taxpayers.

I believe that non-essential government services — such as managing national parks — should be provided through private business — IF private business can provide better service at a lower cost___________.