* Spending Under Reagan vs Obama

           Republican political leaders want to return America to the economic policies of the administration of President Ronald Reagan.   They like blame President Obama for increasing federal spending, while claiming that Reagan’s policies reduced spending, and the size of government.   Well, let’s just see about that.

           The graph below, from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, compares federal spending under Presidents Reagan and Obama.

           As this graph shows, the federal budget deficit is not going up because President Obama is increasing government spending.  In fact, President Obama is reducing government spending.  The government is now spending less that when President Obama took office.

        The federal budget deficit is growing because tax revenues are falling.   Tax revenues are falling because of the tax cuts passed by George Bush and because corporations and the very wealthy are not paying their fair share.

         I am as concerned about the budget deficit are anyone.   I agree that we need to reduce spending by eliminating programs that are outdated and no longer necessary.  I agree that we need to cut wasteful spending wherever we can find it.

        But I believe in a balanced approach to eliminating the budget deficit.

         Even if we did away with all non-defense discretionary spending, we could not balance the budget without increasing revenues.

          Phil Roe, and most of the Republican leaders, have signed a pledge to Grover Norquist, an unelected lobbyist, to never raise taxes.   But we cannot balance the budget without increasing revenue.

         Refusing to even consider revenue increase is irresponsible.    We must replace Phil Roe, and all the ultra-conservative Republicans, and elect a Representative who will govern in a responsible way.  The future of America depends on it.

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