Who Is Alan Woodruff

First of all, when we meet, my name is Alan. “MR.” Woodruff is my father, and, although I have several doctoral degrees, I find “DR.” Woodruff a little too pretentious.

I’ve had careers as a chemical engineer, a management consultant, a financial consultant and a tax and constitutional lawyer. After retiring young from my law practice, I traveled extensively and wrote three novels before turning into–yes, I admit it–a political “junkie.”

I spend most of my time studying federal programs and policies–actually reading pending legislation and program evaluation studies. [I'm a real riot at cocktail parties.] For “fun,” I read The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Foreign Affairs and books on important issues of the day. [I have GOT to get a life!]

I enjoy the occasional fishing or SCUBA diving trip, and at various times have raced cars, motorcycles and sailboats.  I’ve traveled to 49 states — haven’t made it to Hawaii yet — and most of Europe, Mexico and Central America and the Caribbean.

I’m still searching for: the perfect picture of a sunrise and a sunset, an honest politician — and for a woman who will put up with me.

I still practice law when the mood strikes me, generally suing states over unconstitutional election laws.