Who Is Alan Woodruff

First of all, when we meet, my name is Alan. “MR.” Woodruff is my father, and, although I have several doctoral degrees, I find “DR.” Woodruff a little too pretentious. While I hope to also be Congressman Woodruff, my name will always be “Alan” to the people of my District.

My roots in Northeast Tennessee go back over two hundred years to my great-great-great-great grandfather Samuel Doak who founded the Washington College Academy in Limestone.  I’ve lived all over the country, but this is where I call home.  For many years I lived in Sevierville, but now I live in Johnson City.

I’ve had careers as a chemical engineer, a management consultant, a financial consultant and a tax and constitutional lawyer. After retiring young from my law practice, I traveled extensively and wrote three novels before turning into–yes, I admit it–a political “junkie.”

I spend most of my time studying federal programs and policies–actually reading pending legislation and program evaluation studies. [I'm a real riot at cocktail parties.] For “fun,” I read The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Foreign Affairs and books on important issues of the day. [I have GOT to get a life!]

I enjoy the occasional fishing or SCUBA diving trip, and at various times have raced cars, motorcycles and sailboats.

I’m not a Professional Politician–so you can relax; my first instinct won’t be to look for your wallet. I’m just a voter who is fed up with the way government is run, and the way government [mis]treats us.

In the pages of this web site, I’ll try to answer your questions about myself, my politics, my experience, what I think about the issues and what I intend to do to Make Government Responsible.