Why I’m Running

There are many things wrong with government. Bloated bureaucracies. Irresponsible spending. Partisan gridlock. Powerful “special interests.” The list goes on and on.

I don’t doubt that, as individuals, most members of Congress, including Phil Roe, are good people and honorable men and women, and I’m sure Phil Roe is.  But as Politicians, they are something else.

I’m tired of Politicians who cannot be bothered to read the legislation they vote on — then complain about what is in it.

I’m tired of Politicians who vote the way their party leaders tell them — even when they know it isn’t right for the country.

I’m tired of Politicians who cannot, or will not, learn about the problems they are expected to solve — and think that sticking to a “political philosophy” is all it takes to cast an intelligent vote.

I’m tired of Politicians who spend more time campaigning for re-election than solving the nation’s problems.

I’m tired of Politicians who lie about everything.  They lie about their own positions; their opponent’s positions; the other party’s position; their own record and the other candidate’s record.  I’m insulted by the fact that they think we are so stupid that we’ll believe them.

Nothing is going to change until we start electing a different kind of representative.

Qualifications Count:  Let’s face it.  If you need your roof repaired, you don’t call a plumber.  So why are we willing to elect someone with no experience in tax policy or economics or education or any of the many other issues on which Congress makes national policy?  What qualifications does an obstetrician have to address these issues?

We expect our representatives to have an understanding of complex issues–and read and understand the legislation they vote on.  How can we expect this from someone whose career has never required them to absorb massive amounts of information about complex problems?

I’ve spent my entire professional career studying and evaluating complex problems in both business and government.  I’ve directed major studies of federal policy. I’ve planned economic development and jobs training programs.  I started and ran a securities firm.  I’ve been a management and finance consultant to public and private organizations across the country and around the world.   Qualifications count — and I have them.

Government needs to be run like a business;  Few members of Congress have ever actually run a business, and few of them approach the problem of legislating with full consideration of the costs of their actions — the way a businessman solves a business problem.

I intend to bring a disciplined, business approach to prioritizing needs and allocating taxpayer money.  I’m not a Professional Politician.  I have actually done something in the “real world.” My background is in business. I have a doctoral degree in administration and planning. I have advised organizations that are required to comply with federal regulations.  I have managed comprehensive studies of federal programs.  I have started businesses.  I have had to make a payroll and balance a budget.   I will be an experienced advocate for  the people who are affected by Congressional action.

We need people capable of serious thought.  Too many of our Congressional representatives come from the ranks of local and state politics, or state or local government service.  They have neither the education nor the experience to understand the complexity of national and international problems–or to even understand the difference between local politics and national policy.

We need representatives who have studied national problems–which I have done as a researcher and policy consultant to numerous federal agencies.  We need people can understand and analyze the complexities of federal legislation and regulation.  We need representatives with experience in solving complex problems–which I have done as a management consultant. We need someone who understands tax policy–which I have done as a tax attorney.

We need Representatives with a Vision, not just a Philosophy:  Too many candidates pander to voters based on nothing more that a claim than they are against big government or for lower taxes.  But this is nothing more than a philosophy.

“Politicians” can only see as far as the next election. “Statesmen” think about the next generation.  Representatives who are slaves to a simple philosophy of government–and to the voters who share that philosophy — cannot (or will not) consider all the implications of a problem, or a proposed solution.

You deserve a Congressman who will do what is needed to solve the nation’s problems with thought, and an open mind. You deserve a Congressman whose concern is solving problems–not just getting re-elected.